ebay listers that dont factor shipping into price

zordy 2/26/2020 4:55:58 PM
and then make shipping free

i swear to god i have a special set of skills and im coming for you
carveyournamein 2/26/2020 4:56:31 PM
What do you mean?
zordy 2/26/2020 4:57:57 PM
if an item is $20 and you are charging $5 shipping, then just make the item fukkn $25
XSHAT_CREWX 2/26/2020 4:58:02 PM
anything that you would need is available at spencer's... oh yeah but youd have to leave the house
zordy 2/26/2020 4:58:28 PM
its not that hard, i used to sell snapback hats on ebay and even i could figure it out
zordy 2/26/2020 4:58:43 PM
they dont sell ibanez acoustic guitars at spencer shat
XSHAT_CREWX 2/26/2020 4:59:46 PM
you don't need that