Almost 6 weeks

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m00k 2/25/2020 8:52:14 PM
With no dope. I def gained some weight lol
carveyournamein 2/25/2020 8:52:35 PM
weirdo 2/25/2020 8:54:30 PM
props man
dayman 2/25/2020 8:58:21 PM
thats dope
wee_bastid 2/25/2020 8:58:41 PM
good to hear man. now go jam that prosthetic straight up ed's ass
XSHAT_CREWX 2/25/2020 9:22:11 PM
almost 8 weeks with no needles in my arm
wee_bastid 2/25/2020 9:30:56 PM
but what aboot in your ass?
XSHAT_CREWX 2/25/2020 9:41:20 PM
those needles coming soon, but it wont be drugs it will be test and/or roids
m00k 2/25/2020 9:43:29 PM
Damn, Shatty. Thought you weren't down with spiking? Glad to hear you're not anymore at least. My arms look awful but they're slowly looking better and better. I was on dope almost every day for a bunch of years. I never did as much as I've seen or heard other people do but was up to a half to a whole bundle a day. Surprisingly it wasnt too bad getting off of. I had help and took suboxone for almost a whole month. Skipped 2 days in a row and figured out I didnt need that either. Also even though I'm not a huge fan of being high on pot I smoked a little bit of that too and it helped with the pain. I'm pretty happy it was kinda easy. Soon enough I'm gonna start working out more. Other than the workouts I get at physical therapy. Just need to get a bit better with my leg.
XSHAT_CREWX 2/25/2020 9:52:34 PM
after my most recent breakup and my job basically going into financial ruin (all I worked towards hard during that one year sober) i had a big "f*ck it" moment and decided to hang out with basically... the wildest bunch I got to know in the rooms of AA/NA/CA etc. and it led to the most f*cked up relapse ever which had be banging basically anything into my arm, a house full of just i dont even know who or what and i ended up doing a ton of meth, fentanyl of course drunk the whole time too, and it took about less than a month this time before i was in the hospital again

it was cleansing though, most people feel guilt and shame after huge relapse, I feel relieved, like i went on a vacation.

Im not stressed about shit anymore and just starting over and sticking with sobriety again because i dont have any reasons to use or any urges

life is surprisingly good again
XSHAT_CREWX 2/25/2020 9:54:14 PM
It was a rough year, I needed a break, I took that break, it almost killed a few of us, but it was therapeutic in a way (as much as I did suffer afterwards, coming off all that shit at once.. and getting severe pancreatitis)
m00k 2/25/2020 9:56:12 PM
I hear you with the banging anything shit. This past summer after losing my leg I was banging coke, crack, meth, h, fent, anything. And I'm not down with NA/AA cause I know all itd be is a place to source new dealers and shit.
m00k 2/25/2020 9:57:48 PM
I'm glad you're doing better, shatty. Keep it up, man.
m00k 2/25/2020 10:00:18 PM
Been doing heroin off and on since I was a teenager. And I'm not gonna say it wasnt a blast and f*cking awesome a lot of times. But I'm f*cking almost 40 and it's sad as f*ck.
XSHAT_CREWX 2/25/2020 10:01:23 PM
Oh yeah it's funny, how once I had relapsed my phone was off the hook andd I had ALL THESE "friends" OVER IMMEDIATELY and basically squatting and one girl was turning tricks downstairs for us to get dope and all sorts of shit was going on, id see weapons, overdoses, mass amounts of stolen goods daily... andd just some f*cking weird ass shit, it was trainspotting without the dead baby... but the cool thing was since i owned the house and let everyone do their shit from there/stay there/etc. Id just keep getting shit for free, like a bottle brought to me every day, "hey mikey you want some of this" just go stick my arm out or hit the pipe... There was one chick cooking at times (I wouldnt eat for days), my house almost got burned down, fun stuff

it was a very unique ecosystem.... would recommend trying at least once in your lifetime to anyone that hasnt
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