Sweet fennel sausages w/pasta & sauce for din-din

nothinlefttogive 2/25/2020 7:53:02 PM
Got dat bangin' parmegiano-reggiano as well.

*Farts into wine glass*
*Swirls glass under nose & sniffs*
carveyournamein 2/25/2020 7:59:01 PM
I don't give a shit.
nothinlefttogive 2/25/2020 8:09:44 PM
*farts into wine glass*
*offers it to carve*
thetowerofrome 2/25/2020 8:29:18 PM
This isn't twitter/Instagram/fuckbook ....
thetowerofrome 2/25/2020 8:30:19 PM
These baby din din child sounding threads have run their course man.
m00k 2/25/2020 9:46:55 PM
Gd that sounds good. I could go for some creamy risotto too.