new PEARL JAM song

BULLETHEAD 2/18/2020 11:29:49 AM
it's good
AnalButt 2/18/2020 11:31:43 AM
Prove it. I won't click a link though
BULLETHEAD 2/18/2020 11:33:13 AM
it's a straight-forward rocker
BULLETHEAD 2/18/2020 11:34:08 AM
now i'm reading the comments under the song and it seems like it's unanimously hated by all. but who are you gonna or them?
easyhateoven 2/18/2020 11:34:44 AM
AnalButt 2/18/2020 11:36:48 AM
The thrill of individuality is greater than the comfort of conformity. Be a goldfish in a sea of minnows
easyhateoven 2/18/2020 11:47:07 AM
it's not terrible