108 - Songs Of Separation

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simon_belmonT 2/13/2020 7:24:32 PM
easyhateoven 2/13/2020 9:15:08 PM
dude, right on
BULLETHEAD 2/13/2020 9:16:11 PM
These are the guys who hung out at the airport handing out prayer beads?
simon_belmonT 2/13/2020 9:19:15 PM
Yes. I had one approach me at a music fest once. I gave him like 2 bucks for a copy of the Bhagavad Gita because I was curious in the philosophy but not to join it. He had a hard time understanding that
dayman 2/13/2020 9:21:38 PM
108 is an American hardcore band founded in 1991. Their music reflects the Hare Krishna faith of the band members.
simon_belmonT 2/13/2020 9:22:31 PM
Yeah that's what we're talking about here, doofus
easyhateoven 2/13/2020 9:23:27 PM
a new beat from a dead heart was such a good album
simon_belmonT 2/13/2020 9:24:48 PM
I didn't really listen to the reunion stuff. I probably should
easyhateoven 2/13/2020 9:25:58 PM
yeah, both albums were surprisingly good and heavy
nothinlefttogive 2/13/2020 9:47:56 PM
Saw Tom's new band recently. Nothing new, but they were tight...
unvisitedgrave 2/13/2020 9:51:19 PM
lol this band sucks
simon_belmonT 2/13/2020 9:54:46 PM
Uh no
unvisitedgrave 2/13/2020 9:55:07 PM
like big time lame
foulmouth 2/13/2020 11:57:34 PM
good music, shit message
ed_money 2/14/2020 1:47:30 AM
Played a show with 108 once.
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