New year, new me! Last post ever right here

seriousloser 1/1/2020 5:35:19 PM
I'll just condense everything into this one post. My life has changed a lot over the years since I started posting here. I went from being a lovable workforce oaf who couldn't hold down a job or not sbit his pants to a drug addict, queer, cat murderer, gamestop employee, manual laborer....etc get my point.

That's a lot of life to live over the years and well, it hasn't been easy. I hit a turning point last year and felt things started turning around for me. I haven't really posted much about what goes on in my life aside from the fact I moved in with my mental cousin....but it goes deeper than that....and I don't really want to bore you with the details either.

So in 2020, this will be my ONLY post. When, or more a big IF, I come back, things will be different. I'm on the fast track to success and I'm ready to start the next chapter.

So thank you everyone for bearing with all the boring, dumb, pointless, unfunny threads. I love you all.

vagisilcreem 1/1/2020 5:37:01 PM
carveyournamein 1/1/2020 5:40:20 PM
See you tomorrow, gay.
Jon 1/1/2020 6:04:21 PM
Anonymous now?
poo_butt_goblin 1/1/2020 8:49:45 PM
weird flex, but ok.
foojahis 1/1/2020 8:57:34 PM
nobody cares
carveyournamein 3/4/2020 7:48:50 PM