That new Devourment song

carveyournamein 7/11/2019 8:57:35 PM
It's so god damn sick. Jesus Christ.
VINCE 7/11/2019 9:27:40 PM
Holy mother of God that was fucking sick!
brokenhero 7/11/2019 9:31:13 PM
ive been listening to both tracks on repeat all day today. they are so damn heavy
boredtodeath 7/11/2019 9:37:05 PM
Oh that's lovely. Gonna have to have that.
explosions_in_this_guy 7/11/2019 9:46:19 PM
Prolapse Records 2019
vagisilcreem 7/11/2019 9:55:39 PM
new song rips
KlDCADAVER 7/11/2019 11:29:19 PM
zordy 7/11/2019 11:36:30 PM
so sic
get down with the sickness
VINCE 7/12/2019 9:01:24 PM
I can't stop listening to this. So. Fucking. Brutal.
thetOWerofroME 7/12/2019 9:08:49 PM
Agreed. It is fucking god damn fantastic
thetOWerofroME 7/12/2019 9:13:04 PM
The heavy morbid angel style 808s though