After watching Frozen for the 17th time.

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agent_friday 6/24/2019 12:18:26 AM
I realized this movie is bullshit. So, Elsa ruins her coronation by throwing ice, causing the ruler of Weaselton to consider her a sorceress. This is fine, but after Elsa leaves Erendelle, Princess Anna goes to find her in the afternoon. Keep in mind Christoff is seen in this very same afternoon feeding his reindeer.

Head forward an hour or two, Princess Anna finds Oaken's Trading Post and apparently Christoff is there too, seemingly after spending weeks in the snow at this point? He doesn't seem surprised or worried about the snow in July, just grabs some carrots. He is clearly shown in the previous scene in Erendelle, so he has an entire sled full of ice (in July, remember) that he wants to sell in those last ninety fckuing minutes?

Also, they find Elsa that evening, striking Anna in the heart to freeze it, and the next morning Anna realizes her love for Christoff, but decides to save her sister instead.

Therefore, the whole idea of Erendelle being in an 'endless winter' literally only lasted about a day and a half. And the main concern with Anna marrying Hans (that they barely knew each other), is hardly solved when she falls for Christoff about 12 hours later.

What the goddamn, Pixar? Get your shit together.

My daughter is adorable singing "Do you want to build a snowman?" however. So fck it.
agent_friday 6/24/2019 12:33:33 AM
If this doesn't interest you, I threw up a great thread about an episode of The Office.
foulmouth 6/24/2019 7:40:11 AM
KlDCADAVER 6/24/2019 8:03:54 AM
this isn't a pixar movie
vagisilcreem 6/24/2019 8:23:46 AM
Yeah, IDIOT!
portslob 6/24/2019 11:57:23 AM
Why would an adult male watch this even once?
boredtodeath 6/24/2019 1:37:59 PM
Never seen it, but read that the story line got completely changed mid production for to the positivity of the main song.
VINCE 6/24/2019 2:42:03 PM
I put speakers in my bathroom that automatically play the chorus from "Let it Go" as soon as your butt cheeks hit the seat.
easyhateoven 6/24/2019 2:57:48 PM
thetOWerofroME 6/24/2019 3:06:53 PM
Too many words to read involving that movie
Get_Some 6/24/2019 3:09:58 PM
Kids are fcking stupid as shit. As are the parents who conceive them.
agent_friday 6/24/2019 11:19:21 PM
I love Portslob asking why an adult male would ever watch this.

Because there has never been an adult male in his world that has ever given a shit about their toddlers enough to watch a movie with them.
explosions_in_this_guy 6/25/2019 1:18:57 AM
Adele Dazeem
wee_bastid 6/25/2019 1:25:48 AM
seriously thought this was going to be about you leaving your family
ed_money 6/25/2019 1:55:06 AM
Elza is a jew.
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