UBI (Universal Basic Income)

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egdirtrap 6/22/2019 4:17:58 PM
suicidebears 6/22/2019 3:07:01 PM
egdirtrap 6/22/2019 10:39:33 AM
suicidebears 6/22/2019 8:34:41 AM
AnalButt 6/22/2019 12:36:26 AM
Maybe it because I've been drinking, and I could be wrong, but I'm not on board with the mindset of "you've got enough".

i know roughly how much slob makes, he has enough. if you don't think 6 figures/yr is enough, we can disagree

lol @ deciding what amount is good enough for a completely different person, and then inserting your opinion of what they should make as if you actually matter to said wealthier person

envy/laziness.. more of the same

i make a lot more than most people here so keep trotting out the same tired justification for excess

We're happy for ya. I don't do bad myself.. sounds like you need to spread the wealth a little bit you jerk. Then we can all be even in this cute little world together <3

Mind your own fcking business
thetOWerofroME 6/22/2019 4:35:56 PM
Lol at getting actually mad at sbears, like he's terrible, because he simply doesnt share your opinion that this system is still some beautiful magical thing, and if you fault it at all youre a pssy liberal commie who needs to mind your own busy and just obey in a sense.
egdirtrap 6/22/2019 4:49:00 PM
I see where you're trying to go with it. It's not even politics though. Just the concept of working for what you have earned, and what is rightfully yours. Hands off. End of story for that part. He then went about sharing that he's doing great financially. Which nobody asked for
suicidebears 6/22/2019 4:49:22 PM
so should I disclose if I give money away and how much and to what so you can guys can scrutinize it
two_dick_rick 6/22/2019 4:50:52 PM
Actually, i dont think the system is beautiful or even fully functional. But the system sb is proposing is literally slavery
two_dick_rick 6/22/2019 4:51:37 PM
If you think some new economic policy capping personal wealth is going to suddenly make the world a fair and equitable place well, then, lol.
two_dick_rick 6/22/2019 4:53:08 PM
Also, this is all tangential. I do support the idea of a UBI similar to annual alaskan fund dividend checks paid out to alaskan citizens.
egdirtrap 6/22/2019 4:54:33 PM
No. I prefer if people kept to themselves. Like I've mentioned a couple times. That's all I ask. I'm not interested in scrutinizing anybody about their money let alone sharing it in an attempt to get "even"
nothinlefttogive 6/22/2019 4:56:58 PM
Just privatize everything, bros. Let God sort 'em out...
two_dick_rick 6/22/2019 4:57:13 PM
Agreed. You never ask someone about their personal finances and you dont discuss religion or politics during polite conversations #weliveinasociety #rules
two_dick_rick 6/22/2019 4:57:56 PM
Oh, the edgelord troll is here. Watch out everyone! Lol
amber 6/22/2019 4:59:51 PM
So you'll tell the govt about your finances but not your closest friends?
two_dick_rick 6/22/2019 5:00:09 PM
suicidebears 6/22/2019 5:01:35 PM
the entire ubi conversation is about redistribution so I'm not really sure how you get around talking about personal finance

also two people mentioned envy so I was just saying it's possible for people who have enough to have good faith discussions about this
two_dick_rick 6/22/2019 5:02:23 PM
Its an alternative to welfare. Yes, it is redistribution. All taxation is. That is not the issue, i dont think. My issue is with your "thats enough" statement
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