UBI (Universal Basic Income)

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amber 6/19/2019 12:44:18 PM
What did you self make, and an ass of yourself doesn't count
portslob 6/19/2019 12:44:20 PM
I wouldn't go crying to mama about it
easyhateoven 6/19/2019 12:45:23 PM
why does portslob's wealth bother you, amber?
amber 6/19/2019 12:46:03 PM
I didn't know he had wealth. Obviously his words are so poorly formed and uneducated I assumed he was poor until your post.
portslob 6/19/2019 12:47:53 PM
I just type fast and don't give a fck
amber 6/19/2019 12:49:00 PM
But if you want to take this seriously, wealth and capitalism don't bother me. Capitalism, however, needs policies to maintain it that some would consider socialist. You should get fair representation in the justice system, for example, regardless of wealth. That is the aim, but not always the result.
marching_band_rules 6/19/2019 12:49:48 PM
portslob you don't understand what's actually going on with this though. whatever you think of it, UBI is being proposed as a measure that can keep the present system going while mitigating the toll it's taking. this isn't being proposed as a cry to mama. it's being proposed as a practical measure to help keep this system going in the face of the things we're learning about it.
easyhateoven 6/19/2019 12:51:29 PM
it still encourages the workforce and is not meant to be a crutch like welfare
portslob 6/19/2019 12:51:42 PM
What does capitalism take a toll on?
amber 6/19/2019 12:52:30 PM
We engage in many socialist behaviors as a country. They're not all bad. In some cases it boils down to governments versus corporations. Who do you want in charge? Governance comes regardless. In some cases it's better to only have one (government) in charge.
portslob 6/19/2019 12:52:58 PM
amber 6/19/2019 12:53:43 PM
Capitalism operates under the impression we have infinite resources. We don't. This is a huge problem.
portslob 6/19/2019 12:54:09 PM
Corporations give me money for work. Governments take it and waste it on bullshit crap like this
AnalButt 6/19/2019 12:56:05 PM
Fair is such a naive concept. It's ok to be ok with a world where people who are terrible get to be rich and have everything they want.
amber 6/19/2019 12:56:43 PM
The thing is, government programs take money regardless. They give money regardless. You cannot receive any sort of benefits and continue to work most of the time. If you start working, you lose your benefits, which are often times more profitable than working. This is an idea to mitigate this problem.
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