I consider myself relatively liberal...

agent_friday 6/18/2019 12:40:19 AM
...open minded. Progressive even. But I'm not a me vs. them type dude. I like a good argument, conversation, etc.

But holy shit what the fck is this left wing wipe my ass and comfort me bullshit.
agent_friday 6/18/2019 12:44:19 AM
To sum up this article...

"I was doing yoga on the kitchen floor one afternoon in 2015, listening to an interview with Buddhist meditation teacher Lodro Rinzler while my toddler son napped. Rinzler talked about growing up Buddhist — being taught he was fundamentally good — and how rare and refreshing it was to not have to "unlearn" the deep psychological wounds of the doctrine of original sin (as had so many of his Christian friends)."
KlDCADAVER 6/18/2019 12:56:26 AM
they are actually alt right since they labeled their offspring with a gender. not very progressive at all.
deadwithfear 6/18/2019 7:19:35 AM
I didn't get beyond the title
easyhateoven 6/18/2019 7:20:14 AM
huff post lol
Rick____Tocchet 6/18/2019 8:42:39 AM
DWEP all liberalz
kort 6/18/2019 8:48:10 AM
she does yoga, is extremely traditionally religious, and isn't sexist or homophobic. yeah these liberals (that can't stop going to church) are just CRAZY!!!!
brokenhero 6/18/2019 2:01:12 PM
i hate all you people
portslob 6/18/2019 2:02:31 PM
Hopefully she's dead