Growing Chillis

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truant_69 6/11/2019 4:46:38 PM
Anyone else grow Chillis?
BULLETHEAD 6/11/2019 4:47:30 PM
no but i might now. i love gardening
virus_dot_exe 6/11/2019 4:48:28 PM
i'm trying to grow a jalapeno but i dont really have too much direct sunlight so it hasnt done anything cool yet
BULLETHEAD 6/11/2019 4:49:20 PM
now that i got a house i might get real into gardening. eventually
virus_dot_exe 6/11/2019 4:51:43 PM
i just tried growing weed in my closet and it died after i was an idiot and gave it miracle and f*cked off for the weekend
truant_69 6/11/2019 4:51:45 PM
I keep mine in the conservatory.

Grown Apache and hot carrot in the past but trying red demon and scotch bonnet this year.

Scotch bonnet plant just gets bigger and bigger with no flowers.
virus_dot_exe 6/11/2019 4:51:56 PM
*miracle grow
boredtodeath 6/11/2019 4:54:55 PM
I've got jalapeno, ghost, and habenero, plus fatalli and Thai bird seedlings going. Might pick up some starfish, too.
BULLETHEAD 6/11/2019 4:55:43 PM
this is exciting
BULLETHEAD 6/11/2019 4:56:11 PM
i bet they're real spicy when fresh
virus_dot_exe 6/11/2019 4:57:12 PM
are y'all gonna make some hot sauces to give to friends for christmas gifts?
AnalButt 6/11/2019 4:57:28 PM
I just started growing stuff but it's just squash, pumpkin, and chives. I'll most likely grow chiles next if I don't kill these like ever other plant I've had
truant_69 6/11/2019 4:59:51 PM
I've done

Chilli Jam
Pineapple Hot Sauce
Red Onion & Chilli Chutney

Any recipe suggestions welcome.
fourthgradecocktease 6/11/2019 4:59:52 PM
Roommate is trying to grow Hungarian Wax peppers which I guess are just giant pepperoncinis
KlDCADAVER 6/11/2019 6:00:05 PM
i have these growing:

ghost pepper
yellow bell
pinot noir pepper

i have one poblano growing, but it isn't showing any blossoms or anything
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