People who still watch basketball

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amber 5/30/2019 3:43:25 PM
VINCE 5/30/2019 3:45:20 PM
Why not?
beans 5/30/2019 3:46:05 PM
The bbc in gym shorts
Magdalene 5/30/2019 3:46:30 PM
Thanks babe
amber 5/30/2019 3:47:46 PM
Because it is unentertaining, nothing that happens before the last 10 minutes really matters, and the last 10 minutes is painful with its overregulation fouls and timeouts.
suicidebears 5/30/2019 4:01:46 PM
"only the last 5 minutes matter" is the ultimate console casual mario party playing gamer argument

half the games in the conference finals were by comfortable margins, the other half went down to the wire, sure, because these are professionals and defense is deliberately nerfed by the rules so there aren't games with final scores of 85-81 like the late 90s/early 00s

i do agree that there's too much stoppage in close games but they've made some rule changes recently to mitigate that, and the foul rules are too subjective and impossible to enforce with any consistency but that's the same for all the big 4 sports (save maybe baseball)

so i mean if you don't like big man make ball go in hoop then it's not for you
foulmouth 5/30/2019 4:08:38 PM

Go Raps!!!
timelordtwo 5/30/2019 4:11:43 PM
basketball is shit
beans 5/30/2019 4:12:50 PM
Golden state in 6
suicidebears 5/30/2019 4:13:33 PM
unfortunately i agree
beans 5/30/2019 4:14:58 PM
Where do you think Leonard goes? The clips?
decrepit 5/30/2019 4:15:33 PM
About 18 million people watch the NBA finals

Also, Golden State with a sweep
suicidebears 5/30/2019 4:16:56 PM
that's the most likely scenario i've heard, i'd love if he stayed in toronto because the east is actually a competitive conference right now
deadwithfear 5/30/2019 4:27:57 PM
suicidebears hockey officiating is nowhere near as bad as basketball
dayman 5/30/2019 5:24:52 PM
We the North
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