watchin' T2

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BULLETHEAD 5/22/2019 9:17:08 PM
Judgement day
BULLETHEAD 5/22/2019 9:17:43 PM
The boys not quite as annoying as I remember
suicidebears 5/22/2019 9:26:52 PM
The Mighty Tucks
BULLETHEAD 5/22/2019 9:27:34 PM
Then I'm gonna watch T2 Genysys
BULLETHEAD 5/22/2019 9:28:16 PM
simon_belmonT 5/22/2019 9:49:19 PM
I have a really good live Genesis vinyl. It's from when Peter Gabriel was still in the band. Good stuff
cervical_lancer 5/22/2019 10:20:35 PM
Genisys is pretty bad. Ended up watching the last 30 minutes at 1.5 speed.
carveyournamein 5/22/2019 10:54:03 PM
If you watch the extended edition, the kid is super annoying.
BULLETHEAD 5/22/2019 11:01:26 PM
I think he's cool. Riding around on his dirt bike, listening to GnR, stealing money
carveyournamein 5/22/2019 11:03:56 PM
Yeah, that brute force PIN gadget he has is beast.
carveyournamein 5/22/2019 11:04:51 PM
That's why you gotta use 6-digit PINs or more. I can manually brute force a 3-digit pin in about fifteen minutes.
simon_belmonT 5/22/2019 11:07:30 PM
GnR were awesome
wee_bastid 5/22/2019 11:08:38 PM
carve how long would it take me to manually 3-digit brute force your dad?
BULLETHEAD 5/22/2019 11:12:07 PM
I'm thinking of a 3 digit number. You have 15 minutes to guess it
BULLETHEAD 5/22/2019 11:12:26 PM
(It's 666)
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