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mummified_circuitry 5/22/2019 4:57:25 PM
I just want you to know that I always keep it wicked
zordy 5/22/2019 4:58:01 PM
hellya ninja get ya wicked on
zordy 5/22/2019 4:58:52 PM
icp announced gilbert godfrey is gonna be at the gathering
zordy 5/22/2019 5:01:41 PM
zordy 5/22/2019 5:14:48 PM
ABK announced new album
mummified_circuitry 5/22/2019 5:36:21 PM
a lot of this material could have been filed under a new thread called "SPECIAL JUGGALO ANNOUNCEMENT" so that more people would click on it instead of my thread
zordy 5/22/2019 5:43:03 PM
its been a busy juggalo news week so i still have plenty of material for the upcoming juggalo announcement threads, i didnt even touch on the esham and jellyroll beef or the new ouija macc album
zordy 5/23/2019 3:24:51 PM
easyhateoven 5/23/2019 3:26:13 PM
blackholehearted 5/23/2019 3:09:27 PM

Still trying to understand this forums dynamics... So people here don't like any post hardcore but they do like icp?

I honestly don't give a fck because it's better than rocksound and a few other sites. Also everyone's commentary/drama is much more entertaining

lurkcity 5/23/2019 3:12:53 PM

the juggalo thing is a dumb board gimmick.

lol n00bz
zordy 5/23/2019 3:27:28 PM
stale ass non-ninjas i swear to god
zordy 5/23/2019 3:28:40 PM
icp is post hardcore, hardcore is dead and icp is alive and well so that means its post hardcore technically
blackholehearted 5/23/2019 3:30:18 PM
lurkcity 5/23/2019 3:33:58 PM
whatever you have to tell yourself, do you.
zordy 5/23/2019 3:35:55 PM
youre about to make me go chicken huntin
zordy 5/23/2019 3:38:03 PM
listen to this and maybe those nuts will drop, you cant handle this heavy
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