buying an acoustic guitar

BULLETHEAD 5/21/2019 5:54:35 PM
what's the best model?
zordy 5/21/2019 6:00:57 PM
wooden kind
webmaster 5/21/2019 6:03:35 PM
depends on what you're looking for

if you want something decent for messing around, let me suggest this reliable and affordable instrument
dog_boner 5/21/2019 6:03:48 PM
webmaster 5/21/2019 6:05:58 PM
if you want something even cheaper but equally reliable, i'd recommend the Epiphone DR-100
BULLETHEAD 5/21/2019 6:06:53 PM
that fenders way too cheap. i want an expensive one
BULLETHEAD 5/21/2019 6:07:05 PM
that fenders way too cheap. i want an expensive one
webmaster 5/21/2019 6:07:45 PM
of course if you're into status symbols, get a Martin
BULLETHEAD 5/21/2019 6:08:15 PM
yeah, i want a Martin. now you're talking
webmaster 5/21/2019 6:09:48 PM
you think you're hot stuff, then get a D-45

if you are hot stuff, then get a D-28
BULLETHEAD 5/21/2019 6:11:06 PM
i wanna play The Clap by Yes
AnalButt 5/21/2019 6:11:29 PM
I'll sell you a banjo
BULLETHEAD 5/21/2019 6:12:51 PM
i have a banjo. i never touch it. i hate it.

these Seagulls look pretty sweet. i might get one
willy_wanker 5/21/2019 6:47:05 PM
get an acoustic bc rich warlock