your yearly alcohol budget

BULLETHEAD 5/18/2019 10:28:16 PM
Give me a rough estimate
KlDCADAVER 5/18/2019 10:33:10 PM
probably 8k between my wife and i. just doing quick math
BULLETHEAD 5/18/2019 10:34:00 PM
That's a lot of money
BULLETHEAD 5/18/2019 10:34:24 PM
Could feed an African village for eternity
KlDCADAVER 5/18/2019 10:35:12 PM
i might do that next year. i appreciate africans
BULLETHEAD 5/18/2019 10:36:10 PM
I'm not sure if I can keep up my current pace for 30+ years
weirdo 5/18/2019 10:58:01 PM
damn bullethead is in his 50's? lol
dog_boner 5/19/2019 2:29:10 AM
Maybe 1k. I only drink at airports and strip clubs
willy_wanker 5/19/2019 9:41:56 AM
less than $1.OO dollar