DayZ is going to be a PS5 launch title

carveyournamein 5/16/2019 3:33:45 PM
In fact, it is going to be bundled with the console on release. You're welcome.
simon_belmonT 5/16/2019 3:36:50 PM
Doubt it
carveyournamein 5/16/2019 3:37:30 PM
It's true.
simon_belmonT 5/16/2019 3:41:40 PM
No way
pongo_pigmayis 5/16/2019 5:08:31 PM
Nothing to do with anything, but that Plague Tale game looks pretty cool
amber 5/16/2019 5:37:08 PM
carveyournamein 5/16/2019 5:38:05 PM
carveyournamein 5/16/2019 6:11:20 PM
Early access video
dayman 5/16/2019 6:11:28 PM
days gone>
carveyournamein 5/16/2019 6:14:58 PM
Donovan 5/16/2019 6:54:04 PM
Days gone doesnt let you torture other players tho
carveyournamein 5/16/2019 7:00:23 PM
carveyournamein 5/16/2019 7:02:30 PM
The other day I came across a dude in a police station with a lockpick in his hand. He was unresponsive, so I beat him unconscious, took the lockpick, then locked him inside. While I was leaving, he regained consciousness and was screaming at me "Why did you do this???" and I turned around, gave him the middle finger, and left him to die.
Donovan 5/16/2019 7:18:19 PM
EXACTLY. Thats why dayz is great
dayman 5/16/2019 7:51:24 PM