Alright Idiots

Magdalene 5/15/2019 5:38:45 PM
It's about to be a ghost town cause later
Donovan 5/15/2019 5:39:51 PM
No one believes you.
Magdalene 5/15/2019 5:41:44 PM
Don't worry doll I plan on returning
Magdalene 5/15/2019 5:42:21 PM
Your lip can stop trembling now
Magdalene 5/15/2019 5:42:56 PM
What's your favorite color
Donovan 5/15/2019 5:45:56 PM
It doesnt work for lurkcity and it doesnt work for you. Youre glaringly insecure, desperate for attention, and your real life has brought you to the point of near sucicide such that being called an idiot online, is at least, someone giving you a human interaction
Magdalene 5/15/2019 5:55:36 PM
That's cute. I'm still going to go out there and not have human interaction or wha..bleek bleek bleek BOOOOOOSH
Magdalene 5/15/2019 5:56:01 PM
Magdalene 5/15/2019 5:56:24 PM