Adam #2 of NoDumper

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barbara 5/15/2019 1:39:28 PM
'what a tastemaker' Lurk says, as he gets up and wipes his shit smeared lips on his glassjaw longsleeve
barbara 5/15/2019 1:40:04 PM
i am blind with jealous rage
carveyournamein 5/15/2019 1:44:16 PM
explosions_in_this_guy 5/15/2019 4:00:57 PM
lurkcity 5/15/2019 4:03:41 PM
i never said taste maker for the record.
lurkcity 5/15/2019 4:04:03 PM
get them facts straight before you come at me.
lurkcity 5/15/2019 4:04:36 PM
also... i dont have a GJ long sleeve. but i would about it.
carveyournamein 5/15/2019 4:46:41 PM
bulletsofdusk 5/15/2019 4:48:57 PM
dayman 5/15/2019 4:54:22 PM
so gangsta all of a sudden
overpower_overcum 5/15/2019 4:57:38 PM
replying to every criticism and joke is really making you look like an insecure weak little bitch. keep going, though because it's funny in a pathetically sad kind of way.
lurkcity 5/15/2019 5:17:35 PM
think about how often you guys must think about me and how its enough to bring you to a website you all dislike to post something about me. lol.
carveyournamein 5/15/2019 5:19:26 PM
Is your mom writing these posts for you now?
Donovan 5/15/2019 5:33:39 PM
Did lurk really just take a shit eating joke literally?
Donovan 5/15/2019 5:34:20 PM
Whenever i shit on the floor, these people always yell at me to not shit on the floor hahaha LOL
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