carveyournamein 4/23/2019 9:18:29 PM
Any hardcore shows happening there?
deadwithfear 4/23/2019 9:39:14 PM
I wouldn't be shocked if there were.
explosions_in_this_guy 4/23/2019 9:39:45 PM
Mostly reggae
deadwithfear 4/23/2019 9:42:47 PM
Reggae and soca all day here. It fcking sucks a lot.
willy_wanker 4/23/2019 9:47:52 PM
hardcore played traditional slack-key style
AnalButt 4/23/2019 9:49:03 PM
They need to speak English
d0t_hack 4/23/2019 9:57:24 PM
Mac & Cheese is like $20 bucks in that shitty ass tourist trap.
beans 4/24/2019 9:59:39 AM
Lol @ thinking Hawaii is a tourist trap

You don't shit about Hawaii, squidward
suicidebears 4/24/2019 10:11:45 AM
lol @ hawaiian mac and cheese comment

that's some good method acting
portslob 4/24/2019 10:41:28 AM
Hawaii is overrated. Locals are all douchebags
beans 4/24/2019 10:44:57 AM
You hate everything, shut up