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MAROOF 4/23/2019 12:30:30 PM
I don't like fcking soup. its trash and for peasants
bulletsofdusk 4/23/2019 12:32:18 PM
I don't like you either, cabron.
MAROOF 4/23/2019 12:33:23 PM
mmmm honey this intricately flavored water is so delicious, when is Tyrone coming over to ram your jerk sideways?
bulletsofdusk 4/23/2019 12:34:39 PM
U maed a funni
bulletsofdusk 4/23/2019 12:43:06 PM
But it wa'ant funni tho.
MAROOF 4/23/2019 12:44:01 PM
stfu with your gay ass metalcore name
portslob 4/23/2019 12:51:39 PM
I like soup
easyhateoven 4/23/2019 12:52:37 PM
soup's good for a side, but it's bullshit for a meal
MAROOF 4/23/2019 12:53:48 PM
two temps: too hot and luke warm butt piss.
MAROOF 4/23/2019 12:55:07 PM
sipping soup, making that sssssuuuu sound, thats embarrassing to do as a man.
julesitsjeni 4/23/2019 12:57:11 PM
I love soup, but I make my own. I wont eat it out of a can
portslob 4/23/2019 12:58:03 PM
You prefer a dog bowl?
AnalButt 4/23/2019 12:58:20 PM
Soup is one of my favorite things
julesitsjeni 4/23/2019 12:59:56 PM
Not a can
Magdalene 4/23/2019 1:15:13 PM
The lipton soup secrets are phenomenal
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