People who would hit their own mother

amber 4/21/2019 8:00:06 PM
I've never heard of this. Does such a life form exist?
AnalButt 4/21/2019 8:01:17 PM
Is this about eating good barbecue?
willy_wanker 4/21/2019 8:05:54 PM
my mother took away my xbox so i beat her to death
wee_bastid 4/21/2019 8:07:25 PM
do sick beats count?
barbara 4/21/2019 10:22:55 PM
are you talking about something is so good you could 'slap ya mama?' because there's already been a lawsuit over this
Magdalene 4/21/2019 11:17:10 PM
Is there something someone would like to talk about
XSHAT_CREWX 4/22/2019 10:29:51 AM
there was this one guy that would come into our little spot once in a while, we didnt know his name, he had face tats, and a wu tang hat, we called him wu tang

one day on facebook he went live and all of a sudden he started arguing with his mom and then just straight up knocked her out with a haymaker and was all like "whats up now bitch? huh?" was glorious....
dog_boner 4/22/2019 10:35:16 AM
Dude from pentagram