4/20 never forget

chicken_gang_bang 4/21/2019 12:52:56 AM
"yeah 420/get waste, where do I even begin? the love of the pot aroma makes me hulk out on sanity. I bring about the psychotropic armageddon and all-to-real 3rd eye pugilism to every corner of these corneas. they battle for middle earth on plumes of blueberry humboldt haze and it's no exaggeration that irl... you don't come between my fckin nazgul lungs and their maryjuana prey."
chicken_gang_bang 4/21/2019 1:21:14 AM
we injected that weedneedle into our lungveins and came back for air like a couple of sperm whales surfacing after a two hour plummet to the depths, our blowholes emmiting a vapor so pure, so potent that the visine sizzled right off when it touched my kaleidoscope corneas. rest your head, sweet prince, and let me fill your head with sweet exotic notions. unbuckle your safety harness, spark your iron maiden zippo, and start hotboxin that perfunctory twizzler like your mouthing a nubile french sailor"