Fridays my last day at work, should I walk out now

seriousloser 4/15/2019 2:41:20 PM
Tried to save my job, but theyve made up their mind. Today sucks and I have zero motivation and I'm ready to just walk out and say fck it.

Should I?
bulletsofdusk 4/15/2019 2:45:02 PM
Piss in your boss's coffee first.
boredtodeath 4/15/2019 5:40:12 PM
Damn, I'm sorry to hear this. Been there.
Maybe take home one item every day that can be sold to make up for the wage loss/misery.
manglazed 4/15/2019 7:09:51 PM
extra long bathroom breaks on the clock
carveyournamein 4/15/2019 7:21:03 PM