I have the craziest idea.

wee_bastid 3/18/2019 11:44:53 PM
post the last song you listened to.
BULLETHEAD 3/18/2019 11:46:39 PM
It was by Beyond Dawn. I can't post it
wee_bastid 3/18/2019 11:50:45 PM
but alas, you just did!
wee_bastid 3/18/2019 11:54:11 PM
ever heard of sun of nothing?
boredtodeath 3/19/2019 3:17:19 PM
dog_boner 3/19/2019 3:28:19 PM
Was supposed to be a new blotted science song
dog_boner 3/19/2019 3:31:02 PM
Sun of nothing is good. Theyre from greece right? I remember them sounding like altar of plagues
bulletsofdusk 3/19/2019 3:33:40 PM
bulletsofdusk 3/19/2019 3:33:47 PM
GTFO Bastid
backseatkiller 3/19/2019 3:37:10 PM
lol. fcking loved hyde in like 2002. tribunal records as a whole, really.
thetowerofrome 3/19/2019 4:03:05 PM
wee_bastid 3/18/2019 11:54:11 PM
ever heard of sun of nothing?

This is cool.
vagisilcreem 3/19/2019 4:04:53 PM
thetowerofrome 3/19/2019 4:09:03 PM
Listened to hammocks new album last night, and today I've listened to this 80's cinematic synth wave/synth pop band Kalax. I'm a gay sucker for 80s cinematic synth shit.
egdirtrap 3/19/2019 7:37:18 PM
Hammock is never bad.. I have all their stuff and its amazing how much music they really have. meanwhile I was listening to the new Fallujah which isn't too great so there's that