yo alex

nothinlefttogive 3/18/2019 3:41:09 PM
let me buy you out on this shit...how much?
bulletsofdusk 3/18/2019 3:42:39 PM
fck you.
bulletsofdusk 3/18/2019 3:42:44 PM
bulletsofdusk 3/18/2019 3:42:52 PM
Never post again.
bulletsofdusk 3/18/2019 3:54:25 PM
carveyournamein 3/18/2019 4:02:47 PM
I think he is depressed.
webmaster 3/18/2019 5:05:08 PM
Buy me out?! I buy YOU out!!!!!

Um, I mean, email me an offer.
zordy 3/18/2019 5:06:34 PM
nothinlefttogive 3/18/2019 5:20:33 PM

you know what that'll do for your scene cred?
thetowerofrome 3/18/2019 5:23:26 PM
Really...? You're not even making a legit offer? I was expecting something serious, and instead I read all the way down for nothin'. Nothin' I say
simon_belmonT 3/18/2019 5:26:26 PM
What would a legit offer even be? I don't know how the internet business works.
thetowerofrome 3/18/2019 5:29:12 PM
....... uhm...,*frrrrts* something that's not obviously a miniscule joke offer...?