Chris Fehn has been kicked out of Slipknot

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carveyournamein 3/18/2019 12:09:10 PM
Shame, he was the only reason people even liked them.
agent_friday 3/18/2019 12:20:33 PM
When I was a teenager, I never identified with the song writing or lyrics. Or the incredible drumming. I only connected with the keg hits on every third beat in the chorus.
explosions_in_this_guy 3/18/2019 12:29:42 PM
fact is: he never improved as a trash man.
simon_belmonT 3/18/2019 12:36:11 PM
Looking forward to his solo project
easyhateoven 3/18/2019 1:47:53 PM
for being too slow
XSHAT_CREWX 3/18/2019 1:48:29 PM
stomp 2.0
bulletsofdusk 3/18/2019 1:58:22 PM
He should be a fulltime juggalo.
thetowerofrome 3/18/2019 2:55:55 PM
withdeadhandsrising 3/18/2019 3:31:13 PM
is he still playing bass in will haven?
bulletsofdusk 3/18/2019 3:37:44 PM
Shut the fck up. ^^^^^^
Rosco 3/18/2019 3:40:06 PM
Do you think they are going to fill that position? Also, fck off, Carve
boredtodeath 3/18/2019 6:45:29 PM
They should hire ponytail guy.
simon_belmonT 3/18/2019 6:47:21 PM
I guess they actually replaced him with this guy. Not a bad move, really.
thetowerofrome 3/18/2019 6:48:53 PM
SN00PY 3/19/2019 6:55:09 AM
He can continue to pick garbage for a living with all his accessories of trash cans. All the slipknot CD's they throw out in different neighbourhood.
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