chicken_gang_bang 2/28/2019 4:50:55 PM
thetowerofrome 2/28/2019 5:04:09 PM
I dig this
two_dick_rick 2/28/2019 5:05:38 PM
Describe in 3 words
chicken_gang_bang 2/28/2019 5:10:07 PM
two_dick_rick 2/28/2019 5:05:38 PM
Describe in 3 words

Click the link
thetowerofrome 2/28/2019 5:16:14 PM
It's hardcore punk
thetowerofrome 2/28/2019 5:16:54 PM
Another three words

Simple yet fun
chicken_gang_bang 2/28/2019 5:30:13 PM
Click the link
Simple but fun
Chug the yum
Jun jun jun
two_dick_rick 2/28/2019 6:47:34 PM
Hardcore punk... like... outbreak and colin of arabia and RAMBO or hardcore punk like the dwarves
two_dick_rick 2/28/2019 6:48:20 PM
I love simple, i love fun, being an oc dude I love hardcore punk and meathead shit. I just need *specifics*

Also, yall need to listen to The Eulogy

Throwdown and Madball dudes
two_dick_rick 2/28/2019 6:53:35 PM
For reference, the eulogy just played with terror and cromags, then another show with death threat. That vein
easyhateoven 2/28/2019 7:09:30 PM
the eulogy is awesome. pissed off shit
willy_wanker 2/28/2019 8:35:56 PM
skulk rack
two_dick_rick 2/28/2019 9:31:52 PM
Ok, so its like RAMBO. I can dig that