ground up almonds and brewed it with my coffee

BULLETHEAD 2/21/2019 11:52:02 PM
It's quite good.

Gives it an almond-y taste
simon_belmonT 2/21/2019 11:53:12 PM
Prove it
BULLETHEAD 2/21/2019 11:53:55 PM
Better than that gross hazelnut bullshit
simon_belmonT 2/21/2019 11:54:54 PM
Do you drink it with cream or sugar? Ever had it with almond milk? I haven't
BULLETHEAD 2/21/2019 11:55:01 PM
I grind my own beans. I'll be throwing some almonds in there from now on. And I will be experimenting with other foods
BULLETHEAD 2/21/2019 11:55:49 PM
fck cream and sugar. I'll put a bit if butter in there and blend it up real frothy once in a while
simon_belmonT 2/21/2019 11:56:00 PM
Put a crunch wrap supreme in it
BULLETHEAD 2/21/2019 11:57:41 PM
No I'm thinking a big chunk of bakers chocolate and maybe some peanuts
simon_belmonT 2/21/2019 11:58:02 PM
BULLETHEAD 2/21/2019 11:59:52 PM
No one's ever thought of flavored coffees before. I invented it
dog_boner 2/22/2019 12:19:26 AM
i dont rearyze my coffee, if its good it gets half and half, if its bad it gets half and half and 1 sugar
BULLETHEAD 2/22/2019 12:20:59 AM
I won't be sleeping tonight. Too many coffee experiments
portslob 2/22/2019 10:31:09 AM
Grind your face into it