continuity/plothole errors in Boys Don't Cry

kort 2/18/2019 12:15:54 PM
some boys cry
julesitsjeni 2/18/2019 12:34:56 PM
Are you positive?
kort 2/18/2019 1:58:47 PM
how would i know, ive never seen the movie
Spaceghhost 2/18/2019 2:54:23 PM
Is this the movie about the 4 kids who go see the dead body in the middle of the woods?
iwilladapt 2/18/2019 2:56:16 PM
Magdalene 2/18/2019 3:16:45 PM
Aww. I've been crying a lot lately :( we can be crybaby buddies. Sometimes it's just all that you can do.
Magdalene 2/18/2019 3:29:18 PM
When you have time, put on a tearjerker and bawl your pretty little eyeballs out. Then take a long hot shower and fondle yourself