laptop making a loud grinding sound

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BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 8:01:09 PM
like it's gonna blow up or something. doesn't sound good at all. might have to go buy a new one tomorrow unless one of you can tell me how to fix it
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 8:01:40 PM
the bytes are all screwy
simon_belmonT 2/17/2019 8:01:57 PM
Microwave it for 3 minutes
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 8:02:16 PM
wouldn't fit in there, dummy
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 8:02:41 PM
it stopped, but it'll start again. i know it
carveyournamein 2/17/2019 8:09:40 PM
Is the laptop hard drive a solid-state drive?
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 8:10:47 PM
i think it's vaccuum tubes
carveyournamein 2/17/2019 8:13:15 PM
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 8:16:51 PM
it might need an oil change?
carveyournamein 2/17/2019 8:20:07 PM
Don't cheap out. Make sure you get the good stuff.
willy_wanker 2/17/2019 8:46:29 PM
mobil 1 zero20
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 8:48:32 PM
it's really settled down. it fixed itself
willy_wanker 2/17/2019 8:50:35 PM
self healing cyborg
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 8:52:37 PM
it's running like a damn cheetah now
iwilladapt 2/18/2019 8:49:55 AM
Keep a large magnet close by at all times to ensure longevity.
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