Sunday Morning Chongers

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BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 8:34:56 PM
i haven't seen it in so long. i forget it
VINCE 2/17/2019 8:52:42 PM
Good ass movie
VINCE 2/17/2019 8:53:08 PM
I have it on blu ray. I'm super cool.
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 9:01:14 PM
maybe i'll play bass guitar along to the movie. like a soundtrack
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 9:01:27 PM
i'm gonna have to do more weed though
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 9:01:55 PM
having a bit of trouble getting off the couch, to be honest
nothinlefttogive 2/17/2019 9:04:42 PM
I just had a similar experience. Was ready to go shred some guitar. Couchlocked. Also drunk. Got dat 2 juicy & sip of sunshine.

Still might shred though...copped '91 LP Standard recently.
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 9:07:39 PM
can you play the Lemon Song by Led Zeppelin?
nothinlefttogive 2/17/2019 9:07:49 PM
Sorry, cached link

nothinlefttogive 2/17/2019 9:08:20 PM
I can play "Smoke on the Water"
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 9:08:54 PM
goddamn Rollins is an annoying man
nothinlefttogive 2/17/2019 9:10:03 PM
I can also play "Brain Stew" by Green Day
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 9:11:20 PM
i was learning lemon song on bass guitar. it's pretty tricky though. i need someone to play the guitar. is jimmy page still alive?
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 9:12:24 PM
i'd love for jimmy page to come over to my house, have some tea, jam out on guitar and talk about satan
nothinlefttogive 2/17/2019 9:13:07 PM
He is...alive & lookin' like an American President with that white hair.
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