Sunday Morning Chongers

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nothinlefttogive 2/17/2019 2:18:33 PM
It's weird...this cartridge is not carbureted & I need to hit it a certain way. The pen isn't nearly as intense with carbureted cartridges.
themoustachemassacre 2/17/2019 4:16:26 PM
I've been eating gummies that I bought from some dude who set up a little table at some art show/rap show last night. They are pretty decent.
nothinlefttogive 2/17/2019 7:22:45 PM
Had a chonger-free blackjack sesh (couple dealers, but that don't count). Made it through two 8-deck shoes...couldn't handle the crowds though. Going back next month.
VINCE 2/17/2019 7:51:49 PM
Sunday NIGHT chongers????
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 7:52:56 PM
i'm smoking a joint right now. trust and believe
VINCE 2/17/2019 8:00:28 PM
Word. Just vaped some gorilla glue.
nothinlefttogive 2/17/2019 8:17:07 PM
Just shredded a pizza & burned a blunt of OG sour diesel w/ the Mrs. Gonna shred a chicken caesar salad next 8===========D
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 8:18:37 PM
i'm done my joint. fairly high
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 8:18:49 PM
now what?
nothinlefttogive 2/17/2019 8:21:11 PM
I dunno. Got any chores?
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 8:23:28 PM
i'm gonna play bass guitar
VINCE 2/17/2019 8:30:05 PM
Watch a movie.
VINCE 2/17/2019 8:30:31 PM
Or Jack off. I dont know man.
BULLETHEAD 2/17/2019 8:30:51 PM
no, i'm gonna play bass guitar. i'll watch a movie later. i'm watching They Live
AnalButt 2/17/2019 8:32:21 PM
Good movie
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