jussie smollett

theocean 2/16/2019 2:29:19 PM
this just gets weirder man.....
mummified_circuitry 2/16/2019 3:15:24 PM
charge this fckin guy already and be done with it. it's hilarious that they put like 12 detectives + the fbi on finding phantom MAGA hit squads while black guys slaughter other black people routinely in chicago and everyone just throws up their hands.

i can't believe jussie actually thought he would get away with this. the problem with the woke liberal is their self importance and overestimation of their own intelligence. i'm sure at no point did this moron think his scheme would be found out
two_dick_rick 2/16/2019 4:12:27 PM
After reading mummifiedcircuitrys post, i believe jussie
zordy 2/16/2019 4:30:10 PM
nigerian maga gang
BULLETHEAD 2/16/2019 6:01:14 PM
Don't know who that is but I sure like that name
fourthgradecocktease 2/16/2019 6:42:50 PM
Jussie is a dumb name, this story is also dumb
vagisilcreem 2/16/2019 7:49:45 PM
smells like
smells like bullshit to me
AnalButt 2/16/2019 7:54:18 PM
Hell yeah ^^^
webmaster 2/16/2019 10:20:08 PM
the whole thing seemed shady from the get-go
nothinlefttogive 2/16/2019 10:38:56 PM
Let the record reflect that I had also put my chips on "bullshit". Shit was improbable. Dude wanted attention...now he got it!
two_dick_rick 2/16/2019 10:42:57 PM
Seriously though

Bbts is so fcking boring and lame. You are all women jerking off some c*nt band because its fashionable to do so
nothinlefttogive 2/16/2019 10:56:28 PM
Awesome band, awesome dudes. Missed them in NYC w/ Disembodied a few years back :-(