Daytona 500

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portslob 2/15/2019 4:29:29 PM
This Sunday.
If you don't like nascar, fck you
two_dick_rick 2/15/2019 4:31:41 PM
Good ghostface song
thetowerofrome 2/15/2019 4:33:06 PM
two_dick_rick 2/15/2019 4:31:41 PM
Good ghostface song

I clicked to post this
AnalButt 2/15/2019 4:34:08 PM
Perpetuating the republican stereotype
thetowerofrome 2/15/2019 4:35:16 PM
You like nascar....... lol
thetowerofrome 2/15/2019 4:36:05 PM
*post clip of cartman saying I'm gonna drive and turn left sometimes*
portslob 2/15/2019 4:39:54 PM
thetowerofrome 2/15/2019 4:41:08 PM
portslob 2/15/2019 4:45:01 PM
It's fcking awesome if you understand the engineering and the actual strategy that goes along with the race.
It's also nice that all the drivers hate each other and are willing to smash into each other at 200mph to get that point across
virus_dot_exe 2/15/2019 4:49:20 PM
sounds stupid as all fck actually
thetowerofrome 2/15/2019 4:53:30 PM
I understand most all of it.

My entire dad's side loved it growing up and I was forced to watch and know about.

My dad even paid for me to ride two laps in one when my uncle to go to a Richard petty experience thing and it was in literally kurt busch number 2 car... it was one of the most wild and fun things I've done - and nascar is still the most boring thing ever. I have a lot of respect for the drivers and the engineering, but its still soooo fcking boring. I mean take a tip from F1 and other racing series and make some tracks that are not a fcking circle turning slightly left every now and then.
thetowerofrome 2/15/2019 4:55:30 PM
I'd even rather watch golf or tennis or bowling. I watch nearly all sports, and it's seriously fcking boring
AnalButt 2/15/2019 4:56:16 PM
I live ten miles from Texas Motor Speedway so I can put this debate to rest. Auto racing is not only gay but not a sport.
AnalButt 2/15/2019 4:57:33 PM
I love playing golf but watching golf is more boring than NASCAR. That's the only edge auto racing has on any other sport
thetowerofrome 2/15/2019 4:58:52 PM
And by ride I mean put a full safety drive suite on and helmet and have an old semi pro driver drive up to like 180 for 2 laps. I couldn't even move my arms or turn my head. I think I was 18. It was fun. Watching other people do it for hundreds of laps isnt.
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