please list all of your current medical issues

kort 2/12/2019 10:05:51 PM
let dr kort fix you
unvisitedgrave 2/12/2019 10:12:29 PM
bi polar disorder. i take lamictal. it works.
Chi_Stake 2/12/2019 10:44:54 PM
Consistently prolapsed butthole AND Chrone's Disease. It's like a fire hydrant capped open for children cooling off in the city streets in the summer, in blood down there.
KlDCADAVER 2/12/2019 11:34:55 PM
it's crohn's, pleb.
Magdalene 2/12/2019 11:42:58 PM
Are you Courting someone
Spaceghhost 2/13/2019 10:07:15 AM
I pee a lot
Rosco 2/13/2019 10:08:54 AM
I have chronic thirst and dry mouth. I've had blood test for diabetes and thyroid problems and I don't have either. I drink like 2 gallons a day and piss constantly. my doctors haven't helped with shit.
foulmouth 2/13/2019 10:11:20 AM
The Grippe
The Vapors
Jungle Rot
Dandy Fever
Poor Man's Gout
Housemaid's Knee
Climatic Poopow
The Staggers
Dum-dum Fever
seriousloser 2/13/2019 10:14:01 AM
Low B-12
Post Nasal Drip
nothinlefttogive 2/13/2019 10:20:55 AM
slightly overweight (25.8 current BMI)
Spaceghhost 2/13/2019 10:23:08 AM

Okay, I don't pee that much
seriousloser 2/13/2019 10:44:37 AM
Sometimes when I pleasure and c-m while I have to piss really bad, I'll have to pee every 5 minutes for the next 2 hours. I try not to jerk the piss boner, but there's rarely a time that a man's harder.