scissors7 2/8/2019 12:12:57 PM
simon_belmonT 2/8/2019 12:13:59 PM
Not posting
shitinyourhand 2/8/2019 12:14:24 PM
nothing.. everyone in the house getting sick so i'm guessing it'll be that kind of weekend
scissors7 2/8/2019 12:15:24 PM
Today/Tonight - about to take off from Jacksonville to Boston, catch with family

Saturday - dump, groceries, twins, wife working

Sunday - twins, wife working

scissors7 2/8/2019 12:15:54 PM
*catch up
virus_dot_ExE 2/8/2019 12:15:57 PM
not a beer, grill or sox in sight
deadwithfear 2/8/2019 12:17:30 PM
Nothing special. Work. Homework. Cook things. Hike Sunday morning. Watch hockey Sunday afternoon.
easyhateoven 2/8/2019 12:31:11 PM
today - work, dinner, peter murphy (of bauhaus) concert
tomorrow - gym, freelance project, girlfriend
sunday - gym, seeing lords of chaos with girlfriend
virus_dot_ExE 2/8/2019 12:34:49 PM
tonight - ???
tomorrow - season finale against the Sick Pucks
sunday - powerskating
portslob 2/8/2019 12:50:33 PM
Drink until I hate you all more
virus_dot_ExE 2/8/2019 12:57:21 PM
that sounds like a terrible weekend
scissors7 2/8/2019 2:03:08 PM
Bump for late risers.
portslob 2/8/2019 2:32:54 PM
For you
dreadrisks 2/8/2019 2:51:57 PM
continue working on my secret documentary for Netflix about LG forum members