KERRANG: Text msgs reveal Botch are pedophiles

virus_dot_ExE 2/7/2019 7:21:30 PM
By: MR_TIGGUMS on 3/8/2008 4:23:12 PM

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carveyournamein 2/7/2019 7:24:31 PM
deadwithfear 2/7/2019 7:25:32 PM
What happened to tiggums?
virus_dot_ExE 2/7/2019 7:28:26 PM
By: MR_TIGGUMS on 3/8/2008 4:12:46 PM

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virus_dot_ExE 2/7/2019 7:35:06 PM
By: MR_TIGGUMS on 3/8/2008 4:07:05 PM

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thetowerofrome 2/7/2019 7:41:13 PM
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dayman 2/7/2019 7:54:47 PM
virus_dot_ExE 2/7/2019 8:04:06 PM
By: MR_TIGGUMS on 6/18/2009 9:11:30 PM

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carveyournamein 2/7/2019 8:08:30 PM