Bandit/Fissure mini tour

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chicken_gang_bang 1/14/2019 5:46:43 PM
You come to the Reno date?
thetowerofrome 1/14/2019 5:47:19 PM

simon_belmonT 1/14/2019 5:47:45 PM
Big pog match after the show
thetowerofrome 1/14/2019 5:50:06 PM
I got an 8 ball slammer .... you don't want to mess with me Belmont.
simon_belmonT 1/14/2019 5:54:33 PM
I dare you to try me at this show. We're going to be hanging out, smoking much needed cloves and playing some serious "for keeps" pog matches. The singer of fissure is a former US pog champ. This ain't no kiddie game dude
thetowerofrome 1/14/2019 5:59:32 PM
*flexes left arm and kisses it*
chicken_gang_bang 1/14/2019 6:09:31 PM
chicken_gang_bang 1/14/2019 6:10:24 PM
thetowerofrome 1/14/2019 6:13:32 PM
This bandit band is very cool.
thetowerofrome 1/14/2019 6:20:22 PM
serious question though.....

why would anyone who doesnt live in Nevada go to this? That's like... not even possible during a work week and stuff....
chicken_gang_bang 1/14/2019 6:34:33 PM
Because there's only 5 dates on the tour and Reno is on a Saturday
chicken_gang_bang 1/14/2019 6:49:36 PM
Bakersfield, Oakland, Reno, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Mustachemassacre should come
simon_belmonT 1/14/2019 7:01:58 PM
Are they playing pogs at all the shows or just the Reno one?
chicken_gang_bang 1/14/2019 7:08:39 PM
thetowerofrome 1/14/2019 7:21:59 PM
That minimizes the need to specifically go to the Reno show though if they are playing at all of em.............
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