simon_belmonT 1/11/2019 3:54:45 PM
I think this band is pretty cool
thetowerofrome 1/11/2019 3:58:03 PM
This is cool.
thetowerofrome 1/11/2019 4:00:49 PM
Hey Simon.... speaking of holy roar.... this new hand signed to em named Holy Fawn from Phoenix area that's been around a bit and getting more notice. Wonder what you think of em:
thetowerofrome 1/11/2019 4:03:05 PM
It's like shoegaze and doom and post rock ambient shit mixed. They're cool. You should give em a listen and inform me on what you think.
thetowerofrome 1/11/2019 4:04:47 PM
New *band
simon_belmonT 1/11/2019 4:07:48 PM
First song is cool. Will listen to the album. Thanks.
thetowerofrome 1/11/2019 4:10:14 PM
I was pretty surprised at how well this album turned out. Pretty damn cool. Especially listening to it chonged.
simon_belmonT 1/11/2019 4:13:02 PM
That's a federal crime so I won't be doing that
thetowerofrome 1/11/2019 4:45:08 PM
spaceghhost 1/11/2019 5:19:52 PM
I like them. They are like the Yashira from the UK
KlDCADAVER 1/11/2019 5:50:35 PM
this holy fawn is great
vagisilcreem 1/11/2019 6:55:20 PM
Cave in
cervical_lancer 1/11/2019 8:37:02 PM
Grabbed this yesterday, skimmed for work today but forgot about it. There were djent parts that annoyed me. All the same, totally forgot.