Ruffles Mozzarella 'N Marinara chips Review

SnackMan 11/16/2018 3:53:50 PM
Oh hey yo, SnackMan here too bring you this quick review of my current snack, Ruffles Mozzarella 'N Marinara potato chips.

Taste: 1 word; DELICIOUS. They've NAILED the flavor in this chip, without making f it overwhelming. Definitely the best tasting Ruffles chip I've ever had. 9/10

ChipFeel: Using my patented ChipFeel®™ technology, Ive deduced that these chips don't really feel like normal chips. In hand, they're dry but greasy, but in your mouth they feel filmy. 6/10

Sound: The film on the chips definitely dampen the crunch. Not a good thing. 4/10

Overall: despite having a low score in 2 of my 3 categories, it earns high praise for the taste it achieves. Kudos, Frito-Lay.

8/10 overall

**Certified Crunchtastic**
kort 11/16/2018 3:54:51 PM
the_prp really has dropped off
XSHAT_CREWX 11/16/2018 3:57:33 PM
its you, and whoever is behind you
Jemenez_Cricket 11/16/2018 3:58:10 PM
these were pretty good, nothing on the jalapeno ranch ones though
d0thack 11/16/2018 4:09:32 PM
These are gross.
two_dick_rick 11/16/2018 4:28:39 PM
Bad gimmick

But lol @ dothack still desperately trying to fit in
easyhateoven 5/7/2019 7:21:36 AM