i want

creed4life 10/28/2018 4:35:49 PM
to see the rams lose
creed4life 10/28/2018 4:39:19 PM
simon_belmonT 10/28/2018 4:48:23 PM
creed4life 10/28/2018 4:58:23 PM
the rams are going to lose tonight, it's just the way it goes
creed4life 10/28/2018 5:28:48 PM
the rams streak is over, the vikings are going to to take over
simon_belmonT 10/28/2018 5:43:47 PM
creed4life 10/28/2018 5:45:00 PM
bow to your sensei
Jon 10/28/2018 5:57:50 PM
I need gurley to have a shit game and for cooks to have a great one. fck me right now.
willy_wanker 10/28/2018 6:28:59 PM
i want to see the ram ones
creed4life 10/28/2018 6:51:40 PM
the rams are straight up cheating right now
XSHAT_CREWX 10/28/2018 8:43:08 PM
shit thread, shit poster
zordy 10/28/2018 9:17:16 PM
request: DENIED