hey shat i made you a burial tomb

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zordy 9/14/2018 4:25:22 PM
ok its pink with a rose on it and im not fully done with it yet but ill show you my progress????you will RIP in here one day
d0thack 9/14/2018 4:27:27 PM
Cool pic you found on dogpile.com image search.
zordy 9/14/2018 4:28:22 PM
reverse image search it, its nowhere else on the internet but right here, because i made it for shat
d0thack 9/14/2018 4:29:41 PM
You didn't make that.
zordy 9/14/2018 4:30:16 PM
yes i did
zordy 9/14/2018 4:31:11 PM
it weighs about 4,000 lbs ok and im about to drop it on you
zordy 9/14/2018 4:32:33 PM
hey d0t post one of the cockroaches you smushed at work today that would be super interesting for everybody
d0thack 9/14/2018 4:34:39 PM
You're a goddamn retard . And your brain is so broken you think of posters outside this board.

Also, cool picture you found on dogpile.com image search .
zordy 9/14/2018 4:35:14 PM
i told him id take a picture and i did
d0thack 9/14/2018 4:37:09 PM
You didn't take that picture.
zordy 9/14/2018 4:37:21 PM
yes i did
d0thack 9/14/2018 4:38:51 PM
Shut the fck up you lonely gay autistic dweeb.
zordy 9/14/2018 4:39:59 PM
lol i make so much more money than you damn
d0thack 9/14/2018 4:42:01 PM
Unlikely. But that's okay. Keep dreaming little guy. Sonic has plenty of room for General Managers .
zordy 9/14/2018 4:42:33 PM
how much do you make a year?
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