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Founded in the year 1975 by Bill H. Gates and Paul Gardner Allen, Microsoft has become the leading tech business across the globe. Since it was established, the primary focus of this company has been software, however, with Surface tab, this has somewhat changed. Microsoft is most well-known for its Operating System - Windows. Also, its productivity suite- Office - is the most popular in the world. For decades, Microsoft has been leading the tech industry. However, in order to compete, it keeps on adding new features, tools, products to its Office suite.
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Everybody who has a computer or knows how to work on one has used Microsoft Office at some point or the other. For most of the people, Microsoft office has been there to help them throughout their digital lives. From writing college essays to making presentations, to creating emails on outlook to calculating budget on Excel, Microsoft Office has been there. The popularity of Microsoft Office is so high that over a billion people use the Microsoft productivity suite.  Office 2016, Office 2013,Office 2010,Office 2007,and Office 2003 are some of the desktop versions of Microsoft Office.
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