Not only do I blame my farts on the dog

XSHAT_CREWX 8/26/2018 5:39:44 PM
I mercilessly beat the shit out of the dog for his constant uncontrollable farting.
kort 8/26/2018 5:44:54 PM
it would be great if the police did that to you
Rick____Tocchet 8/26/2018 8:37:43 PM
Who do you blame for your bad breath?
XSHAT_CREWX 8/26/2018 8:41:06 PM
My breath smells like listerine 24/7
Rick____Tocchet 8/26/2018 8:56:04 PM
d0thack 8/26/2018 10:32:20 PM
i don't condone animal violence. :(