whats up goatsicles?

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ARCHITECTkills 8/2/2018 9:44:11 AM
miss me?
celine 8/2/2018 9:56:22 AM
Just been busy archiving various things to submit to human resource departments
easyhateoven 8/2/2018 10:16:42 AM
yeah man, how've ya been? is the wedding coming up?
carveyournamein 8/2/2018 10:33:38 AM
ARCHITECTkills 8/2/2018 1:14:16 PM
wedding is in a month pretty stoked

finally getting full badge access to my new work site, and got my work laptop all set up. so ill be back here dicking around here and there.

plus Architect is playing a show this sunday, maybe ill have a heart attack and go into a coma
easyhateoven 8/2/2018 1:17:06 PM
fck yeah. my man making moves and doing well
brad_marchand 8/2/2018 1:22:31 PM
whos the lucky guy? congratulations on getting your work laptop set up
celine 8/2/2018 1:39:10 PM
Pretty sure your posting habits directly violate bms protocols and standards of conduct, but plz, continue on
vagisilcreem 8/2/2018 1:42:39 PM
just pooped.
ARCHITECTkills 8/2/2018 1:56:49 PM
celine, its ok. I'm not on their network. I'm using my iPhone as a hot spot. I'm also on a break and posting from the 3rd stall in the turlet room, in the basement, in the dark..
celine 8/2/2018 1:59:17 PM
Oh, no, this is from the standards of conduct relating to personal time and the "culture" of bms. I read the whole thing, just for you bud
celine 8/2/2018 1:59:56 PM
Whether you do it on the clock or not is irrelevant my good soon to be fired sir
ARCHITECTkills 8/3/2018 8:28:58 AM
Rick____Tocchet 8/3/2018 8:55:00 AM
I watched the Found Dead Hanging Hellfest 04 set like 2 weeks ago. I am not sure if i have a reaction about it or not yet.
carveyournamein 4/30/2019 7:45:21 PM
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