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weirdo 7 days ago

red lobster

weirdo 9 days ago


weirdo 17 days ago


weirdo 20 days ago


weirdo 21 days ago

fail link

weirdo 22 days ago

wee_bastid, will bet you $500 I make a higher yearly salary than you. post your email we'll exchange copy of pay stubs and PayPal. you won't do it, pssy.

weirdo 22 days ago

lol @ your logistics

weirdo 22 days ago

lol @ working for a dumbass company that won't simply fly you out

weirdo 29 days ago

damn bullethead is in his 50's? lol

weirdo 43 days ago

Lil Jon, lil uzi vert, lil Wayne, lil pump, etc

weirdo 43 days ago

I'll put you in a dirt nap, bitch

weirdo 45 days ago

Kendrick Lafart

weirdo 47 days ago

food trucks are dumb

weirdo 48 days ago

creed shreds rules all

weirdo 51 days ago

dude is in high demand zordy make it happen what do your sources say

weirdo 51 days ago

is shakewell and fat nick on this shit or what

weirdo 51 days ago

its so edgy to hate one of the best guitar players of all time. and its so edgy to hate the president, man bullethead is so EDGY.

weirdo 56 days ago

they plug your holes too

weirdo 61 days ago

Cargo camo shorts
Entrance music is this song

weirdo 61 days ago

Dickem Jones
Chest back hand slap against the turnbuckle where their legs fly up spread eagle after every hit
Off the top rope belly splash transformed into a elbow drop mid air
Rival is every immigrant in the WWE

weirdo 78 days ago

oh it gonna be a long one alright

weirdo 79 days ago

bullet you need to shutup at this point

weirdo 93 days ago

Alex Jones is funny, love that guy

weirdo 102 days ago


weirdo 105 days ago

next time hit up Taco Bell

weirdo 106 days ago

would still hit it

weirdo 115 days ago

0 coordination involved

weirdo 115 days ago

who the hell gets "intimidated" by a bunch of dancing somoan chants. stupid ass sport for slow people who can't hang in any other sport.

weirdo 115 days ago

everyone who wasn't good at sports played rugby

weirdo 117 days ago

some idiot earlier in this thread posted trump has a low approval rating. trumps approval is better than obamas at the same time of presidency. do aids and DMT really effect your brain that much and/ or your parents Down syndrome recovery addicts?

weirdo 118 days ago

lol trump would beat a sanders/ booker ticket by a landslide

weirdo 121 days ago

Jared Kushner and the Jews will keep Trump in office until 2024

weirdo 125 days ago

dayman 2/11/2019 9:01:00 PM
stand alone


weirdo 152 days ago

bullethead would get so many votes if he ran for anything that involves the masses

weirdo 152 days ago

Marvin Gaye > math rock written by autistic kids in their 30s living with their parents

weirdo 152 days ago

he likes James brown and Marvin Gaye

weirdo 152 days ago

it cracks me up every time someone gives trump shit for "dodging" the draft. like if they were able to choose between 'nam or chilling and making money in America, you would choose 'nam. fcking lol @ you complete morons.

weirdo 154 days ago

finally we have a decent game this week

weirdo 155 days ago

les claypool

weirdo 157 days ago

all the home teams will win handedly this weekend except maybe the Pats. Colts are not that good, the Texans are just a bad playoff team.

weirdo 160 days ago

lol @ selling/ buying clothes on Craigslist

weirdo 160 days ago


weirdo 160 days ago


weirdo 169 days ago

nunes is going to get face mashed

weirdo 171 days ago

kevin hart
will smith
jay z

weirdo 177 days ago

BULLetHEAD 12/21/2018 8:16:28 PM
Im high on edible marijuana
BULLetHEAD 12/21/2018 8:17:45 PM
Im playing my drums

<playing air drums on edibles

weirdo 190 days ago

ortega got worked. his career is over

weirdo 190 days ago

yeah, gabbard would get it

weirdo 205 days ago

scope this, bull. smoke weed. turn up.

weirdo 205 days ago

check this out, bull

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