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timelordtwo 9 days ago

Same "men" who eat artisan pizzas

timelordtwo 13 days ago

snorting bat shit

timelordtwo 13 days ago

100% rigged

timelordtwo 13 days ago

people don't want get to the covid vaccination

timelordtwo 14 days ago

deadwithfear 2/11/2021 9:57:23 AM
portslob 2/11/2021 9:37:09 AM
I love her

timelordtwo 16 days ago

Shits bad for you

timelordtwo 18 days ago

Which one? I need something to read

timelordtwo 19 days ago


timelordtwo 19 days ago

I remember Mac. Bald canuck right?

timelordtwo 21 days ago

dog water

timelordtwo 22 days ago

Why am I seeing those fox racing stickers on the back of trucks again

timelordtwo 23 days ago

Orange girl bad

timelordtwo 24 days ago


timelordtwo 24 days ago


timelordtwo 33 days ago

Before his time

timelordtwo 33 days ago

bolt thrower

timelordtwo 33 days ago

willy_wanker 1/23/2021 5:05:42 PM
nervous breakdown

timelordtwo 36 days ago

y tho

timelordtwo 36 days ago

i'll never take anything that freak show says seriously

honk honk

timelordtwo 40 days ago

f*ck thsi gay country

timelordtwo 41 days ago


timelordtwo 41 days ago

im actually excited about more fanless shit

timelordtwo 41 days ago

man there was a radio station in Beaumont called the BIG DOG 101
and they played some actual f*cking jams

in houston we only had dog shit 94.5 which is still dog shit today and plays 200 nirvana songs a day

timelordtwo 41 days ago

man in the box
enter sandman

timelordtwo 41 days ago

How is that good

timelordtwo 43 days ago

big same

timelordtwo 43 days ago


timelordtwo 43 days ago


timelordtwo 45 days ago


timelordtwo 48 days ago

happy birthday dot

timelordtwo 48 days ago

ride majestic

timelordtwo 50 days ago

Great work retards

timelordtwo 51 days ago

drums could be a bit louder but i love it

timelordtwo 60 days ago


timelordtwo 68 days ago

Can't go wrong with a 1911

timelordtwo 86 days ago

u ever boofed hand sanitizer

timelordtwo 177 days ago


timelordtwo 178 days ago

Used to be an avid nba and baseball fan but this political shit has ruined it for me, a lot of my friends and family too. We just don't watch or care anymore. I can count at least 7 of us who just don't give a shit anymore. I'm sure there is a lot more.

timelordtwo 180 days ago

Damn now I like him even more

timelordtwo 183 days ago

this is terrible

timelordtwo 183 days ago


timelordtwo 202 days ago

This kid is legit

timelordtwo 203 days ago

Scott Steiner is a god

timelordtwo 204 days ago

So when do we get the painkiller movie

timelordtwo 207 days ago

Name a better form of diplomacy

timelordtwo 210 days ago

shoulda been pres

timelordtwo 215 days ago

Please don't waste tax payer money on your idiot friend

timelordtwo 215 days ago


timelordtwo 217 days ago

i find the bandanas more uncomfortable than the shitty dental masks.

timelordtwo 222 days ago

All hardcore girls are a little bit more than thicc

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