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jonnybagofdonuts 102 days ago

My Three Tremors went on the SDR show and sang your fav childhood songs.

Jon 209 days ago


Jon 233 days ago

I need gurley to have a shit game and for cooks to have a great one. fck me right now.

Jon 240 days ago

I have a friend like this. He is now married with four boys and is a staff sargeant in the army. fcking swords, man..

Jon 249 days ago

Cool story, sport.

Jon 253 days ago

Denial and headtrip were pretty good songs.

Jon 261 days ago

Do you ever go outside?

Jon 296 days ago

Numbified cicuitry

Jon 296 days ago

You can see the laser from from his sights on the black guy just before he fires. fcking terrible

jonesfromindiana 305 days ago


Where's club rectum?

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